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What Is The Purpose Of Perimeter Drainage In Vancouver?

What Is The Purpose Of Perimeter Drainage In Vancouver?

Water may be removed from a property using a process called perimeter drainage. It is frequently used in regions with heavy rainfall and snowfall because it helps to avoid floods. You might wish to incorporate perimeter drainage when developing a new house or modifying an existing one to avoid costly water damage and repairs.

How does it work? Perimeter sewerage in Vancouver works by using pipes and channels that are buried outside of the home's foundation. These pipes and channels then connect to the main drain line of the house, which drains into the sewer system. 

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When it rains or snows heavily, water will flow from the mainline because of gravity and enter the network of pipes and channels underground, removing excess water from your property. This technique can be very effective in preventing major flood damage caused by heavy rainfall or snowfall.

How does perimeter drainage work?

Perimeter drainage is a technique used to remove water and sediment from around a property. It is used to prevent flooding, minimize erosion, and protect the soil from pollutants. Perimeter drainage channels flow away from the home in all directions and connect to natural waterways or storm sewers.


When it comes to home improvement, one of the most important things you can do is to keep your property healthy and free from damage. One way to do this is by installing perimeter drainage – a system that helps remove water and sediment from around your house.