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When Should You Choose Online QuickBooks Software?

When Should You Choose Online QuickBooks Software?

If you use QuickBooks on one computer, only one user can access it at a time. The advantage of a hosted solution is that your copy of QB is installed on a remote server along with your license. The software becomes platform independent once it is hosted. It allows users to access their quickBooks online integration from anywhere in the world. 

Which Version of QuickBooks Online Should You Use? -

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The prerequisite solution requires users to manage the server to support multi-user access, which is not possible with just 3 or 5 users. QuickBooks hosting allows multiple user accounts to be set up and maintained remotely, minimizing investment while maximizing efficiency and connectivity. 

Seamlessly integrated functionality:- Inexperienced users often feel that hosted solutions are lacking in some functionality. Perhaps this confusion is because users feel that the hosted QuickBooks solution is different from the regular desktop version. The truth is, users can have any version hosted on the hosting provider's server. 

These versions typically include QuickBooks Premier, QuickBooks Enterprise, and QuickBooks Pro. This gives users constant access to all the functionality they want without having to set up any hardware in their office.

Complete Data Archiving Tool: One of the main benefits of using QuickBooks online solutions for small and medium businesses is the complete data archiving. In the event of a natural disaster or disaster, your data can be protected. 

Easily Accessible Anywhere: When choosing a QuickBooks hosting solution, the main benefit for users is that they can travel anywhere and stay connected with their account and billing information. All you have to do is log in from your account and manage all the features through the hosted QuickBooks platform.