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Why You Should Use A Polytunnel Or Garden Beds In The Summer

Why You Should Use A Polytunnel Or Garden Beds In The Summer

Spring is right around the corner, so gardeners are looking to get their gardens in shape before the weather gets unforgivingly cold. If you live in regions where temperatures can reach over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, then you might want to consider using a polytunnel or garden beds.

A polytunnel allows you to grow plants that need more protection than other plants by providing them with a climate-controlled environment. You can also search online to purchase a polytunnel in Ireland.

What is a polytunnel?

Polytunnels are a great way to extend the growing season in your garden. They are also very useful in the summer when the temperature is high and the sun is shining. A polytunnel is a long, low tunnel that is usually made out of plastic or metal. It is used to shelter plants from the sun and wind. 

Polytunnels can be used for a variety of plants, including fruit trees, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. They are especially good for tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons because they help extend their growing season. Polytunnels can also be used to grow plants that are not normally grown in warmer climates, such as ferns and orchids. 

The advantages of using a polytunnel in the summer include: 

-You can grow larger plants than you can in a garden bed. 

-The plants get more sunlight and air than they would if they were in a traditional garden bed. 

-The polytunnel will keep the soil cooler than a traditional garden, preventing early flowering and fruiting. 

-It's easy to move a polytunnel if you need to change the location of your plants.